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Walnut and maple writing desk

It’s always a pleasure getting to make a piece from solid wood with traditional joinery. This desk was designed by Pete Goetz of Quincey Street Custom and I did the fabrication. The maple used for the drawer fronts and sides was a very old board of highly figured wood I’d had in the shop for almost ten years. Glad to see it find it’s proper use at last!

Felt lined drawers.

Ye Olde Crafte Faire

I’ll be taking part in the Fall Crafts in Chelsea Festival on Oct. 15. On offer will be bowls, boxes, and hollow vessels as well as a bunch of those wood handled screw drivers that everybody likes so much buy custom papers. My friend Caitlin of Sweater Toys and I will be sharing the booth space so you can check out her hilarious and whimsical animal creations, too.